Islington Art Society’s Autumn Exhibition Nov 2014

I have been busy on another project, but will soon be back with new work. In the meantime, I have been exhibiting existing work in a few exhibitions.

I particularly like the venue at this exhibition in The Original Gallery, above Hornsey Library. It has great natural lighting and space.

I’ve only 3 pieces exhibited, but I’ve sold 2 out of the 3 so far, and they have come back for more prints, so I’m very happy.

As usual poppies is the big hitter. I think this has been my most successful piece to date.

Here are a few pictures of the exhibition on a quiet monday afternoon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the really busy private view when most of the sales were made. Sandy Nairne, Director    from the National Portrait Gallery opened the show


Sandy Nairne of the National Portrait Gallery opens the Show

IMG_20141117_150321072 IMG_20141117_150258762_HDR IMG_20141117_150356584 IMG_20141117_150407580_HDR




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